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    Educational Website & ERP Software System
  • Item Version : Version 2.0
  • Developed By: Shoumitra Chakraborty CEO & Founder of Mymensingh It Solutions
  • For any support e-mail : info@mymensinghitsolutions.com

Table of Content

  1. Description & Features
  2. Frontend
  3. Backend Admin panel

Description & Features #back to top

About Educational Website & ERP Software System:(Many other organizations also apply many Features of this ERP system to manage day-to-day business activities . )

Our Education ERP software system Developed for all types of educational institutes to manage their day-to-day tasks. It has been designed to fulfil all the basic needs of an institute. A Unique Education ERP system with Website can able to manage all your needs of managing school, college, university and any other educational Institution - by which helps your organization reduce manual or paper workload or eliminating the tedious manual processes. Our education Website and management data base system has been designed to develop in a way that system has managed to ease the task of admin, students, teachers, staffs, and others through a multi-function platform. Using Laravel here, the most powerful PHP framework- that promises swift development with inherent features and functions. Key Features:
•Frontend Website:
Set up Fully Responsive and SEO friendly Website-- A stylish, clean and flexible HTML template, ideal for any kind of Education Sector.
This has been design and commercially reasonable which includes many beautiful elements that are very easy to edit. This template using many features which Impress everyone-
Such as nice image sliders, Student Online application form and Student Login page to open their own admin page, fully working Contact form, About description
with video, animated counter, courses features, filtering pop-up gallery with tabs, about staffs, location with Google map & fonts, Font Awesome icons,
And much more+

Backend Admin:
BY This admin panel you can manage very easily every task related to education sector like:-
Managing Classes, Courses, Semesters, Subjects
Managing class routine with all details with PDF Sheet-ready automatically to condemn all things with our particular system.
Managing exam, grades, marks, records with PDF report card with our special calculation script, just a click
Managing Students Attendance with our own module system, which makes it very easy to keep tracking of attendance record.
Managing Student Admission
Managing Student Details
Managing Tuition fees with Details with all & individual PDF invoice
Managing your every Expenses with Details with all & each expenses PDF invoice
Managing your all Employee details with all profile Record with PDFSheet.
Managing your all Salary details, our system makes your each salary Certificate automatically.
Managing your Payroll with all details(Like HRA,DR,TR etc. ) and Payroll certificate -Everything will be ready-just one click with our particular payroll calculation Script.
Managing your all files, student questions, assignments.
Managing Messaging between other users
Managing system settings (general, massaging, notification)
Managing your accounts by our own system, you don’t need to do anything else
You can always update, edit or search your all recorded data.
By this system you can make your all kind of certificates or Invoices.
And many more++

By this system every student has their own admin page. And by this they can manage-
Student full profile with image
Exam result details
Tuition fees details
Send message
Upload assignments, question papers, file etc.
View notice.
View their class schedule
And much more other details
Once it is set and running, you can run by your own for the rest of all period.We will make it, your one, as per your organization requirement.You can edit or update all things and can run your admin panel by your own.
Our support will be always with you at every step to guide the process whenever required.The whole system once runnig, make easier for you to keep track of your record,task, communication easily,it will make your organization focus & reduced your overall cost to run the organization.
And if you compare with it any other education management software, you can feel the difference between those and this one.
You can test this system by given links below:-

Educational Institute WEBSITE
Admin panel:
Admin Panel
Password: 123
Watch the video to get an idea
Visit our website for more about us or any query or Contact:
Visit our Website

Frontend#back to top

About Main website

This is the main website, you can extend more whenever you want
Whenever students click apply now button-Student Admission Form Will Apper,Fill up the form,click submit
Click login button in website,put the email & Password used in Student Admission Form and every student can open their personal admin panel Dashboard

Student Admin panel dashboard provide Many features that the whole institution and every student benefits from it, it reduces the paper, manual or paper work as well as the the communication cost also.

Student Admin panel dashboard always display The student's full profile with photo
Whenever student click result, they need to put their roll or id number in the search box and click search
And students can view their full result sheet.
Every student can print or download their full report card,by click pdf
Whenever student click Tution fees button, they need to put their roll or id number in the search box and click search
And students can view their Tution fees record.
Every student can print or download their full tution fees Invoice,by click pdf
click Notification button, to view all notices send by Institution
Every student can view their full class details,by click class details button
Student can submit their assignment,question paper,file or any document by upload form option.
After upload anything, they will get the confirmation
There is a fully working contact form in your website by which anybody can send particular message to authority.

For everything related to student admin dashboard,you do not need to do anything,the system automatically generated it always and you get Better Performance by Students,Simplifying & Streamlining all Tasks,Better Communication,Easy Access to All and Complete Tracking of the Students which also save your lot of time & resources

Backend#back to top

About Backend Admin Panel

This Admin panel has Unique features, lets the organization complete the various tasks which are less time consuming

Just need to login
To open your Admin Panel dashboard

This one, maintains the track of all records and increased accuracy in organizing the data. Less time leads to keep the institute focused on the productivity of the school.

Student Admission & details:-

Student Admin panel dashboard always display all students full details with photo-whenever you click on student details in student option.The information from the online admission form or add student details form.
You can download,view or print your all student information in nice pdf format whenever you click convert to pdf option

Employee Details,salary & Payroll details with Invoice(Parfect for any kind of organization):-

Go to employee option and click add employee to open this employee form is for recording all your staffs data
Click employee details in employee option to view all information
You can download,view or print your all employee information in nice pdf format whenever you click convert to pdf option
To make salary statement, click first add salary form,in salary option & fill up
Then just put empolyee name and basic salay in payslip form in pyroll option,then click calculate.And your employee all salary & payroll data will be ready with all information details with photo with whole deatails pdf and each employee's salary stement and payroll Invoice in a nice pdf format.All things you get just a click.Look at the following screenshots-
Employees payroll statement with hra,dr,tr (and others also you can add like tax,bonus etc) recorded with all employee statement
Employee salary data information
Employee payroll data information
All Salary data in pdf format
All payroll data in pdf format
Individual salary statement invoice
Individual payroll statement or certificate invoice

Student Tution fees collection details with Invoice:-

Click add fees in fees collection option and fill up,and student will also get the details and pdf invoice from their personal dashboard.
All deatails recorded in fees deatails
You can get all student fees details as well as individual Invoice(alrady shown in frontend section) in pdf format.

Expenses and Account(Suitable for many organizations):-

Go to expenses option,click add expense,fill up,then save and your all details with account will be ready with details and Invoice.
Your all expenses details you can view to click view all expenses in expenses option.
You will each expense's Invoice
And also get all expense deatails in pdf format
The system always show you per month expense cost
The system always show you per month Fees Collection
The system always show you how much your cost in staff Basic salary purpose
The system always show you how much your cost in staff Gross salary purpose
Whenever you click on account button,it shows you how much your total collection deducting all kinds of Expenses.

Exam Result

Our unique system facilitate to solve the problem of result calculation, store Overall Exam Result, students report card or result certificate(you can add photo also)with logo, banner etc for institutions like School, Colleges and Universities. When it comes to educational institution, it is mandatory to calculate exam grades, report statistics of average results, and how students have performed and these types of tasks are take a long time as well as put pressure on people if you do it manually or in excel sheet. This one able to calculate result report card with Students exam grades & report statistics of average results, total marks with date & time. Stusent will automatically get their resultsheet and certificate automatically in their personal admin dashboard.All thing will be done just by a click on calculate and save result button.Here, you can easily update or make the calculation script according to your requirement.

Go to Exam result and click add or save result.ust Put the students name,id,date and marks and click calculate and everything, related to record or publishing Result-will be done. Look at the following screenshots-
Indiviual Result table sheet after click calculate result
Your all Result Details, you can view whenever click view details in exam result option.
Your all Result Details, you can get also in pdf format,just click convert to pdf button.Individual report card or result certicate i have already shown in frontend section.

Academic Section

In Academic Section's every form,using Publication Status,which allows you to publish or submit anything,you Just need to mention once,your all data you can publish or shows or use in other forms whenever required.For example-once you add your courses,semesters name your all data with be automatically shown whenever you add subect form and class details will time,place and teacher's name.Same like that-whenever you go to attentendence sheet your all subect and teachers name shows automatically.Like this way you can set your question papers and other things by which your all academic tasks will be always organise and record properly, you can save plenty of time,paper, manual workload and resources.

Click add courses and save.
Click add Semesters and save.
Click add Subects,fill up-then save, and your all class details record and routine sheet will be ready to publish for all.
You can view the your full class deatils to click view class details.Pdf format i have already shown in Frontend section.
You can view the your full class deatils to click view class details.Pdf format i have already shown in Frontend section.
You can add student information also to publish students information at a time.

This ultimate admin system keeps a digital track of the data. You can accessed from anywhere, anytime. A record of everything can be kept due to its easy accessibility. It also facilitates providing immediate information.


To keep the track of attendance record for students is very important for educational institutions.Our distinctive attendancesheet table ensures the track of all attendance record easily.just need to select the subject, teachers name,date and click on absent or present option according to the period and click save attendance to keep the records of all students attendance.There is a search option also by which you can easily find out particulars date attendence record. Look at the following screenshots

Attendece sheet-1
Attendece sheet-2
You can view the attendence record to click view attendence
This is the other one.

Noticeboard or Send Notification

Notice Boards are important, as they assist in keeping aware and informed of upcoming activities. BY This notice form, you can send notice to all students,or public or staff as well as publish in your website.There is a search option also by which you can easily find out particulars notice of particular things.Look at the following Screenshots.

You can send notices by click notice form,fill up and submit and it will publish to all.Every students get the notice immediately,I have shown in frontend section.
This is the admin view page for notice board,click view notice to open this page

Uploading File

This option allows you to submit any kind of documents or file or student can send their assignments or question papers online using this Upload form.All document stored in your upload server and all information you can view in your admin panel.The screenshot of upload form you can view in frontend section.

This is the admin view page form upload form,click view in upload option to open this page
This is the files,in your hosting server-you can view or download file from here.

Contact form or Send Message

There is a fully working contact form in your website by which student or anybody can send particular message to the organization authority and all messages with sender details recorded in your server.You can view the contact form screenshots in frontend section

You can view all senders messages with details to click view sender's details in message option

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